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April 3, 2013


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The beginning of the end. The fall of our heroes. The death of the world’s greatest super team.

Injustice is a comic book series events from the prequel smash-hit fighting game (Injustice: God Among Us) that takes place during five years before the main events of the game storymode. This review will slightly be different from the other comic reviews, as I will break it down in years. Brace yourself, as this will be the best five years (comic years) you will ever spend on a comic book.

There are some lines that should never be crossed. A joke gone bad in the worst possible way dragging Superman right across it, creating a conflict between the Man of Steel and his best friend the Dark Knight.
My first contact with this title was the video game, a pure beat down with cool moves or at least I thought so until I picked up the comic book (don’t judge me but I still haven’t played it).

The Joker has changed planet earth and every other planet that exist in the DC universe. (let it sink in)
The Joker himself, a man with no super powers what so ever, has managed to do what Doomsday couldn’t do (even after killing the world’s strongest being and giving him nightmares); strip Superman from his love and city. This brings him on his knees and boils his blood to the point of all he sees is red, with a fury to use his absolute power to bring order to earths and punish every criminal.

As much as i love chaos and brutal beat downs, I was not prepared for this and I would be lying if I said I saw this coming.
I’ve always respected the Joker for what he stood and what he brought to the table and I really dislike Superman, but the man or should i say the Joker really did a number on the Man of Steel. Injustice brings the worst out of everyone, which is something as a reader I never asked myself; What if our super heroes lost it? As much as Batman tends to prepare for every scenario, he failed to prepare for his nemesis. The Joker has finally beat the Bat, along with the Justice League.

Injustice is such a nutty read; with accidental deaths to absolute slaughter. There are no victims and there are no heroes, just two sides to pick from and if you try to pick your own side you are most likely to find yourself in the middle of the desert – Just ask Aquaman, what’s that like.

The Joker has just ranked up to the top deadliest and most dangerous villains ever written on a comic book.

Injustice is a must read and my life as a comic geek just got graded to another level. I highly recommend Injustice and If you have picked up the digital issues, don’t be shy to purchase the volumes as this is something you’ll proudly have on your shelf for years to come. 10/10.

To be continued..

Reviewed by Raven

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  • Best comic book ever written
  • Superman at his best
  • Division, bringing out the best and the worst
  • Death lurks around, no one is safe