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October 28, 2016


Respawn Entertainment



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Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The sequel to Titanfall (2014), the game was released to favorable reviews in October 2016 for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Its single-player campaign focuses on an infantry soldier who aspires to be the pilot of a Titan – large mecha-style exoskeletons used for war.

When I heard Titanfall was no longer going to be an Xbox exclusive I couldn’t wait to see what the studio behind Respawn Entertainment could do. Sure there was some things the first title could improve upon and other areas they can expand on, and they sure did deliver on both.

To enter the FPS market you would have to bring something new and fresh to the approach. And that does Titanfall do to break in through the front door? It breaks the front door down with a Titan of course! Adding mech warfare to the game adds more variety than I thought it ever would to any first person shooter. Throw in nice and punchy shooting and super smooth movement and you got yourself a ride.

The campaign starts off slow and generic. Eases you into the mechanics of double jumping, wall running, sliding and shooting. Nothing ground breaking. But once the game puts it foot on the accelerator it never takes it off. Once your adventures with Jack Cooper and BT-7274 take off you always wonder what is in store for the duo. With the events that lead to their paths to cross, you get to see how pilot and titan become one through times of crisis to boss battles with other titans.


And it does stop there, please beware once you get sucked into the multiplayer it is a very hard to let go. The game play flows well here too and nothing feels out of place, add a good leveling system on top of everything you use within game achievements and unlocks and you are set to play for hours. It really does feel like the game rewards you just for playing.

The only grape I have with the game is that it has a good campaign and a good multiplayer, however other FPS games now offer more than this. If it had a mission mode or a survival mode it just means more to play which the only thing is missing. Even if people play FPS for the multiplier, offering co-op modes for the not so competitive is a good experience.


Is it worth the platinum?

Oh yes! The platinum is fun and enjoyable to obtain. The Master difficulty is not too hard to complete to obtain the “Legendary Pilot” trophy and a majority of the trophies are story related, the only reason for a second play through is to do tasks like kill 3 titans “Hat Trick” and collectables. It wouldn’t take too many hours either.

There are multiplier trophies but these are easy and can be done with the first ten minutes just after winning your first match to get the “So it begins” trophy. The hardest trophy that will take some skill is the “…Becomes the Master” as getting to the top 3 is no easy feat.


Once your adventures with Jack Cooper and BT-7274 take off you always wonder what is in store for the duo.


To buy or not to buy?

The story is entertaining and enjoyable at all skill levels. There are collectables and trophy challenges for those want to go the extra mile and they are not tedious expect for the odd one or two. Multiplayer is where it’s at and gives you the most bang for your buck! Great shooting mechanics and a great leveling up system keeps you sucked in. I can recommend close to full price as other first person shooters offer more game modes.

Reviewed by Sam


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  • Superb gameplay mechanics
  • Awesome story
  • Fun, fast and fantic mulitplayer


  • Not enough game modes