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16 May 2017


NetherRealm Studios


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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Injustice 2 is an upcoming fighting video game being developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is the sequel to 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Injustice 2 is everything a fighting gamer and casual DC fan could want from a fighting game as it can be extremely deep with much to learn as well as fun game to play. The game has so many levels when it comes to the core mechanics of the fights where most of your time will be spent, the game has so many levels on how you actually spend your time.

The fighting is deep and varied, from the huge roster of 27 starting characters, some to be unlocked, you are easily going to either find your favorite character from the DC universe or someone that fights your play style. With such a large number to choose from they have made most characters fun to play with a lot of basic combos to master along with special moves, character powers and cinematic supers to add to the mix. You have your zoners (projectile based), your rushers, those are just unpredictable and some are a mixture of everything.  That is just offensive moves, they have added more defensive abilities for the more advanced players but my favorite is the clash system, this is where a fighter is on their second health bar is in a losing battle can use some meter to get some health back. It is an interesting mechanical in a fighting game, as you have to guess what the opposite fighter would choose, and the stuff each of the fighters say to each other never gets old. The voice acting it the best I have seen in any fighting game, intros between characters are rarely ever the same and through out the story it felt like an extension of the DC stories.

Now let’s get to how deep the content is which is large even for a fighting game, with the Single player mode your are presented with the Story Mode where this left off from Injustice: Gods Among Us. The game really does show off how exceptional the graphics are and how far they have come for fighting games. You can see deep details from what the characters wear to conveying emotions. Backgrounds and stages are immensely detailed fitting perfectly with the world. The lighting would bounce off characters amour depending on the stage, things breaking and falling due to the powerful beat down between meta humans and if you have the time to glimpse the back drops have magnificent depth. This perfectly goes with DC’s look as they are a very serious and dark tone  to creating the perfect atmosphere when setting the stage.

You have other options to hone on to your skill or just to have fun by yourself with options like Fight AI opponents which I don’t see too many people doing when you have the new mode The Multiverse. Here you get different challenges ranging from different difficulties to get more gear for your characters, these will change after the time expires so there is always something new to come back to even after you completed a challenge. Battle Simulator is also an option if you just want to fight waves of AI and get individual character stories. But there is also a place to make sure you are making the most of the moves of course with a Practice Mode with all the tools needed plus a tutorial for every character to find some interesting facts.


You get the usual stuff when it gets to Multiplayer Options – the usual Local VS option to see which one of your friends come out on top but whoever is the genius to come up with AI Battle Simulator, I hope NetherRealm Studios gave you a bonus. This mode is basically like a mobile app for your console. You assign chosen AI fighters from your roster to defend ‘your online honour’ and you then set up a attacking team of AI to fight defenders. This earns you in-game loot for your characters which I will come to later. I like this mode a lot as you can essentially still play the game without playing the game. Even with other modes like Multiverse you can send out AI to do your bidding leaving you to do your homework or make a sandwich. I would do work while looking for online battles as that could take a while this? This is perfect and a much welcome addition to the game. Online Modes do not have anything new unfortunately and this is where I think fighting games need to try and think about. Sure there is not much to do but face other opponents either through ranked matches but if you like to play casually then Player Matches are there for you. But something along the lines of Leagues or some kind of ladder of progression I think would be welcome to Online competitiveness.

Now if there is another person who came up with this idea at NetherRealm Studios then they also need a bonus! Sure customising your character is not new even to fighting game as Street Alpha 3 had level ups to characters and Tekken has had you customise for some years. But who has actually done both? From what I can remember no one has brought the formula together, and not only that, they added loot boxes as Mother Boxes into the mix. This gives a feel of being rewarded for your efforts. Customisation in any game is welcome as you now feel like it is yours which gives you more attachment to your chosen characters making them feel more unique to you. With different looks and moves to collect, your time will be quickly devoured by this with out you realising which is all apart of what makes this a great game.

We all like to feel apart of a league of similar people like ourselves so the guys at the studio brought us the idea of Guilds. Now someone is on a hot streak because this sort of thing has not being seen in a fighting game. In this day and age communities are more important and fighting games are no different. There is no much to do while in a guild but to do more of what you are already doing and get the benefits for it while doing it with a team.

For some time gamers have been saying fighting games are doomed because they bring nothing new to the table so if the fighting gameplay is top notch then you have to think outside of the box. This is what NetherRealm Studios has done with some never done before content just to make the overall experience of the fighting game enjoyable. With so much content to please all types of your audience is not as hard as some make it out to be. You can certainly tell effort has been made here and it certainly pays off.


As good as this game can be it does have it’s problems. While it has been a problem it previous NetherRealm games they just cannot seem to iron it out and I am talking about spamming moves from a safe corner. Sure this is a tactic in fighting games but not to the point where the spammer has such an advantage that this can be done all day long. Some characters are so hard to reach with no counter to them it can be unenjoyable even for the hardcore of players. If best of players have a hard time dealing with it then you could imagine how easily put off casual gamers can be.

As good of a start the gear system is, I feel it could be a little deeper. With the varied amount of stuff available, after awhile some of it does look the same like the rest of the stuff you already collected. So I don’t know if it is in there future plans but they should try and include a Legendary Tier of gear that stands out or even goofy looking gear. If that is the case more premier skins on every character. Being able to change character outros would also be nice, even as spectacular as they are having the choice between as few would have been a nice touch.


Is it worth the platinum?

Fighting games would most defiantly try to test how good you are not only on all aspects of gameplay but against the ranks of the elite, Injustice 2 simply wants you to try everything, play as everyone and to keep you spending the most time doing so. The platinum is probably the easiest I have ever seen in a while and can be very achievable. The only trophy that is proving difficult is ‘Cat Fight’ as it is not apart of Catwoman’s original moveset. The move needed for this trophy has to be either earned while fighting or through a Motherbox and new abilities are hard to come by as it is, but it is all apart journey getting max level for all characters.

Now someone is on a hot streak because this sort of thing has not being seen in a fighting game!


To Buy or Not to Buy?

For a fighting game it has lots to offer and even after that has more to reward you to keep coming back as a icing on the cake. Fighting and DC fans sure with not be disappointing picking this up at full price!

Reviewed by Sam

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  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Great fighting mechiancs
  • Varied and loads of content
  • Good size roster
  • Fun and fluid
  • Excellent voice acting


  • Some characters are too easy to spam moves
  • Level of customisation could of been deeper
  • Nothing new to online modes