Horizon Zero Dawn

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Action RPG

Release Date

March 1, 2017


Guerrilla Games


Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing video game. The plot revolves around Aloy, a hunter and archer living in a world overrun by robots. Having been outcast her whole life, she sets out to discover the dangers that kept her sheltered.

If you like video games, it’s going to be very hard to find a reason to not fall in love with Horizon: Zero Dawn. The premise itself of a post-post apocalyptic Earth is enough to get the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

Zero Dawn takes all the best features from the best games of the last few years like: crafting, looting, free flowing combat, having a huge open world (that feels alive) and character individuality. When it comes to decision making and play styles, and smashes them together, you get this epic action RPG  adventure; you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Horizon 100% belongs on the Mount Rushmore of visuals for console gaming. After spending 40 hours on the campaign and side quest, it’s easy to loose another 40 hours trying to frame and shoot the perfect picture of Aloy looking down the sighs of her bow – primed to take out a heard of scrapers – in the photo mode which is a welcome and amazing addition to the game! It just highlights that Guerrila games knew they were making a visual masterpiece.

Another area that Horizon exceeds in is the lack of hand holding. Where so many games feel the need to explain everything, through cut-scenes and tutorials, Horizon doesn’t! It let’s you figure out the best way to handle a situation and this is magnified when it comes to combat; you decide if you want to go for a one shot precision kill, lure enemy’s into tripwires and fields of bombs. Or the old Assassins Creed favourite whistle, lie in a bush and lay them down to sleep (every outcast for them self).


If I had to talk about things that just fall short in Horizon, it’s probably that most character choices you make, don’t really mean anything…and I know that’s going to piss off some mass effect fans. But hey…you can’t have every thing! Even with that said – it’s still nice to make Aloy feel like the person you want her to be – instead of Guerrila games setting a generic character model for me to be stuck with, so that’s me only half complaining.

A real negative is for how intelligent the robot AI’s are! I feel like the Human AI just wasn’t up to par and the inability to move, or hide bodies, just makes this aspect fall short of being great.

Is it worth the platinum?

If you like this game, you’ll easily pop this platinum. The hours you spend playing this game rewards you with trophies to let you know it’s not in vain. You might have to go out of your way for a couple, but that’s probably because your play-style is a little skewed one way or another, otherwise you’ll find no real difficultly here.

If you like video games it’s going to be very hard to find a reason to not fall in love with Horizon: Zero Dawn.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

If your going to buy a game at full price this is one that deserves it. Pick it up as soon as you can – even if you have to sell your family cat! You won’t regret it!

Reviewed by Joe

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  • Amazing Visuals
  • Robust world, with endless task to take on
  • Complex and rewarding combat system (No hand-holding)
  • Great in-combat crafting system


  • Some side quest are easily forgettable
  • stealth system and human AI don't match the standard of the rest of the game