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November 4, 2016


Infinity Ward



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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the thirteenth primary installment in the Call of Duty series. The campaign is centered around a battle for the Solar System, which the Settlement Defense Front (SDF), a hostile force who are the main antagonists, are attempting to take over. The player takes control of Captain Nick Reyes of the Special Combat Air Recon (SCAR). They have their own transforming fighter, named "Jackal", that they can customize as well as a central hub world named Retribution.

The thought of running across walls and sliding down hallways in a Call Of Duty game literally…makes me feel sick, UNTIL, activation dropped a copy of Infinite Warfare on my door step and I put on a rig for the first time!

Now, I have been playing Call of Duty since Modern Warfare – it’s my favourite first-person shooter – but after years of copy and paste jobs, I had had enough and put it down. But Infinite Warfare changed everything! Firstly, this game is worth the £40 price tag. This game has the standard COD 6 hour campaign mode (that’s pretty good as usual) with cameos from John Snow and Conner McGregor; I think I saw Lewis Hamilton too but can’t be 100% sure.

It also has a brand new zombies mode, “Zombies in Spaceland”, which is amazing! You get 4 unique characters and fight wave after wave of zombies, clowns, and huge Ogres. It feels like a whole game in its self and I haven’t even started with the online PvP multiplayer. It feels incredible familiar, but new elements, like the rigs,gives it a new fresh feeling. Also the level of customization is AMAZING! I find myself in the classes menu for hours deciding if I want the skull camouflage or the chrome gold look.

The only real downside is…every time I go into the Quarter Master (in-game shop) I feel like they were trying to steal money out of my pockets with micro-transaction after micro transaction. The way the rewards system is set up – its going to take a long time for you to get your rigs to the way you want them – unless you’re willing to dish out some extra money here and there (which I’m not). This is great game for those who are fans of the Franchise; those who have never played a COD, and for those who left the franchise…it’s time to come back!


Is it worth the platinum?

Now I’m so 50/50 on where to place this but as it’s currently sitting at a 2% on it’s hard to argue that this is a tough nut to crack.

At the time of this review I have 72% of the trophies; the majority coming in story mode, which is pretty easy compared to past COD titles.

Now, the bulk of the hard work falls dead in the lap of how good you are at zombies. If zombies doesn’t interest you – then just give up any hopes of the platinum trophy – but on the other hand if your will to put in the work and grind for hours this Ultra platinum could be yours.

Infinate Warfare is great game for those who are fans of the Franchise; those who have never played a COD before, and for those who left the franchise it’s time to come back.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

So, we were fortunate enough to get free copies of the Legacy edition of Infinite Warfare (shout out to Activition), but if Activition wasn’t nice enough to do that, I still would have picked it up. If you’re a fan of the series, this is a MUST BUY. But if your skeptical, pick it up for £30 on a sale and it will be more than worth it with the revamp to zombies, it’s really like 2 games for the price of one!

Reviewed by Joe

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  • Good campaign
  • Customization is amazing
  • Zombies has stepped the level up


  • Online = Grind, grind, grind
  • One of the slowest leveling up systems EVER!
  • Season pass again, REALLY?