Incredibles 2 ‘Review’ – (Mild Spoilers)

FYI – this is only a mild spoiler review – so no bait call outs! Only hints towards what has happened in the film. So with that, I’m going to keep this brief. Or at least try to.


14 years after the first installment, The Parr family (funny how many people don’t know their real name) is back with another adventure fitting for the whole family to enjoy.


That might’ve been the corniest line I’ve ever written. smh.

Its fair to say that this film is for adults as much as it is for the kids. Especially seeing as most of the kids who had seen the first installment of the franchise are now the adults that are taking their own children to see it.

I’ll start off by saying that the action in this is ridiculous. Everyone’s powers are utilised in innovative ways to showcase action set pieces you just couldn’t shoot in a live action movie. The scene with ElastiGirl on the bike when she’s chasing the train is a prime example of this.


This scene was sick!


I’ll just get right to it! Jack Jack steals the show. Easily! The scene between Jack Jack and the Raccoon? Mad ting. In this film we see the family finding out that Jack Jack is also a Super. Although I’m not sure that this should be much of a surprise?

Aren’t they all?

Why would he be any different?



As much as this movie is about the family being ‘Supers’ its about being Supers while doing their best to be a family. The role reversals between the parents allows for strong emotional moments from Bob Parr (Mr Incredible) as he has to figure out how to be a ‘stay at home’ father while his wife runs around being the superhero. And Helen Parr (ElastiGirl), has her own struggles with leaving the home in the somewhat suspect care of her husband! Invisible girl has her own arc as she struggles with the dating scene even though she’s more of a confident person than we have previously known her to be.  Dash is the only one I felt didn’t get much of a personal story tbh. Apart from the scenes with his father and the math homework, from what I remember he doesn’t seem to go through much. Although, together the kids have to figure out how to save their parents without the help of FroZone for obvious reasons.

The one thing I did NOT like about this movie, is the fact that I IMMEDIATELY knew who the villain was. Like straight away. As soon as the character came on screen, I clocked it. I don’t know what it was or is. But I could just tell. Maybe you clocked it as well?

In all honesty though, I’m that kind of guy that would watch CSI and and try and figure out the crime before (Man Like!) Grissom and Horatio (That’s Vegas and Miami… who even watches CSI New York?).


5 points if you can tell me this dudes name. I’ll wait.


There would be something amiss if I didn’t at least mention Edna mode. I think you’ll agree with me if I said that there needs to be a short movie of the night that she had to babysit Jack Jack. Whatever happened that evening needs to be documented because the pair was smitten the morning after!

Overall, this movie I think will be worth the wait for those who have been yearning for a sequel in this franchise. For the most part, all the original characters are brought back in ways that only push the movie forward. The action scenes are dope. There is real emotion to the characters and their individual journeys which resonate through the 125 minute run-time . So apart from the somewhat lackluster villain, this is a sequel that I think can count as better than the original.

It is kinda Incredible.

Ill give it a strong 8 out off 10 rating.


This was actually a very good animated film.


Hope you enjoyed this ‘review’.

Don’t know if I should, call em that… but they kinda are right?


**Updated on the 22nd August 2018**

In my review (above) I briefly mentioned the reversal of roles between the Father and Mother. I had a conversation with a friend recently, who highlighted a few aspects of this relationship that made me think of things differently.  I started to realize that certain aspects of ‘Feminism’ and ‘Female empowerment’ may have come across a bit too… ‘strong’ in this film.

In this sequel, we see ElastiGirl taking the main stage as the only superhero and Mr Incredible supposedly taking a back seat by being  a ‘stay-at-home-dad’.

Nothing wrong with that.

BUT, the movie then portrays the father as one who is continuously struggling at carrying out these tasks and failing. This representation of Fatherhood can be potentially belittling to men. To say this is the case with all men who stay at home with their children, would be a lie. And isn’t it actually ‘Incredible’ for a man to be at home and spend time with his kids?

This topic can raise questions such as:

  1. How important is it for a man to stay at home with his children?
  2. What is is true feminism? Is it to emasculate the man?

I think it is an interesting take on one of the prominent underlying themes of this film and one which I think I may discuss on an episode on my podcast. Stay Tuned!


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Peace. DA.

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