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    Welcome to the Fam! This is your initiation and we have 5 questions for you. Good luck and may your answers set you free or be your downfall in The Cyber Nerd wold.

    Question 1
    Who is your favourite Superhero? and Why?

    Question 2 
    Who is your favourite Super villain? and Why?

    Question 3
    Favourite Movie and Actor/Actress (doesn’t have to be from the same movie)

    Question 4
    Nintendo, PC, PS  or Xbox?

    Question 5
    If you could remove one superhero or villain from history, who would it be? 



    Q1: Batman cause most DC characters have some sort of super powers but Batman uses his skills and still competes with the others.
    Q2: Joker cause he’s just too smart for Batman and the people, he always has a way out of situations and has backup plans if he fails.
    Q3: Fav movie is Captain America: Civil War and Actor is Chadwick Boseman because he suits well with Black Panther and he acted well in his first movie as Black Panter.
    Q4: PS.
    Q5: Difficult to be honest but I would go with Hawkeye, I get he is a good character and has his own skills but I personally just don’t like his character and enjoy him.



    Q1.Frankly its a hard choice but I would have to say Batman if only they could do it right , Reason , kinda always grown up with Batman.

    Q2.Would be without a doubt Harley quinn and JoKer , Reason , Both are destructive and crazy yet they both have that saine side and brilliance to what they do.

    Q3.I know everyone’s going to hate me but I dont Care , it would have to be suicide squad , yes has its flaws but what doesn’t. and Fav actor is without a doubt Adam Sandler , I grew up on movies like Happy gilmore.


    Q5. Superman or Batman ,Now here me out, I just want to see how different everything would be without him.



    Q1.My favorite D.C. Superhero is Redhood because of his back story and his skill set is ridiculous. Q2.My favorite villain is the Joker because he’s a true villain in every sense of the word Q3.My favorite movie is a movie its called Hackers my favorite actor Larry fishburn, my favorite actress Jodi Foster. Q4.Xbox first system I’d played online Q5.The superhero I would remove would be booster gold he’s really annoying and a cornball the villain I would remove is Loki Thor’s brother I can’t stand his behind.

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