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      Everything to do with comic books, new release, Marvel, Dc, and loads of banter and trolling so be warned!
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    • Gaming
      Casual Gamer - Trophy hunters this is where you belong share tips and videos on the best and worst games, whats new on PSplus and Xbox Live lets not forget about PC gamers too you can join in too.
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    • General
      Even tho we are fans we are also people and here you can talk about whatever you want if your mums pissing you off or if you need advise on what to do with a crazy ex-girl/boyfriend ask a fellow CyberNerd for some advice.
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    • The Cyber Nerds Initiation

      If you have made it this far, it means that you have turned right at every corner and made the leap to join the nerdiest community in the UK soil.

      Welcome to the Fam! This is your initiation  and we have 5 questions for you. Good luck and may your answers set you free or be your downfall in The Cyber Nerd wold.
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