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Our Mission

Realistically we are just three guys from East London who like comics, movies and console gaming! Three guys who struggled to find anyone to talk about these topics with so one foggy London night in 2013 we made a private Facebook group called C.M.C (Community moves Conversation) and it all started from there!

From that day forward our goal was to reach as many “cyber nerds” as possible!  To build a community bringing our views and opinions together with those who share the same passion on all things nerdy! To explore what the community deems worthy to talk about, we don’t follow mainstream we follow the community! Oh yea, and be the #1 platform for nerdy content in the UK…. Become part of the #fam(ily)

Safe (translation from east London slang) Thanks

1/3, Geek Sensei, & Mr.Blitz-tek

The Cyber Nerds

Joe Ikhinmwin

1/3rd of The Cyber Nerds


Ravidson Teixeira

Geek Sensei


Sam Ajih

The Legend behind the Tekkers